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HDHRConfig Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void ChannelMapEdit_Changed (void)
void ChannelNumberSpin_Changed (void)
void Debug (void)
void DeviceList_Changed (void)
void LaunchVlcBtn_Click (void)
void ProgramList_Changed (void)
void Rescan (void)
void ScanDownBtn_Click (void)
void ScanUpBtn_Click (void)
void SigChild (int pid)
void StopVlcBtn_Click (void)
void Tab_Changed (void)
void Timer_Tick (void)
void UpgradeBtn_Click (void)
void UpgradeFilename_Changed (void)
void UpgradeFilenameBtn_Click (void)

Protected Member Functions

int ChannelNumberSpin_ChangedGetChannelNumber ()
void ClearProgramList ()
void CommunicationError (void)
void Error (const gchar *fmt,...)
GtkWidget * lookup_widget (const gchar *name)
void ScanBtnRefresh (void)
void ScanNext (void)
void SetChannelMapEdit (gchar *ChannelMap)
void SetProgramAndStartVLC (void)
void StopVLC (void)
void UpdateProgramList (char *streaminfo)
void UpdateProgramListEntry (uint16_t ProgramNumber, string ProgramStr)
void UpdateStatus (bool FirstTime)
void UpdateTunerPage (void)
void UpdateTunerPageSelectProgram (uint16_t ProgramNumber)
void UpdateUpgradePage (bool FirstTime)

Protected Attributes

struct hdhomerun_channel_list_t * ChannelList
GtkComboBox * ChannelMapEdit
GtkSpinButton * ChannelNumberSpin
GtkListStore * DeviceListStore
GtkTreeView * DeviceListTree
GtkLabel * FirmwareVersion
GtkWindow * hdhomerun_config
int LastChannel
string LastChannelMap
int LastProgramNumber
struct hdhomerun_tuner_status_t LastStatus
GtkButton * LaunchVlcBtn
GtkEntry * NetworkRateStatus
GtkEntry * PhysicalChannelStatus
GtkComboBox * ProgramList
GtkListStore * ProgramListStore
GtkEntry * RawChannelRateStatus
bool RespawnVLC
GtkToggleButton * ScanDownBtn
int ScanStep
int ScanTestTimeout
GtkToggleButton * ScanUpBtn
GtkProgressBar * SignalQualityStatus
GtkProgressBar * SignalStrengthStatus
GtkButton * StopVlcBtn
bool SuppressSetChannel
GtkProgressBar * SymbolQualityStatus
GtkNotebook * Tab
GtkButton * UpgradeBtn
GtkEntry * UpgradeFilename
GtkButton * UpgradeFilenameBtn

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file HDHRConfig.h.

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